what else can I say?

Now you know,
What am I thinking for the first time till now
is definitely correct.
I said,
Do not in love with me
Cause you will feel the pain.
but you don't want to listen to me!!!

Now you are judging me,
Ask me if i have someone
and please be honest with you
I am be honest with you!
But what I've got,
You still ask me the question,
All over again..
You never trust me
How can I trust you back?

For me its sucks!
I know what I felt..
I know my feeling towards you
and  I choose
not to mention it in public,
or do have relation with you.
I'm not ready at all

I have many things to do.
Yes, you can say that i'm a selfish girl.
Say it, say as it can make you satisfied with your words.
It will never affect me.
I know what I'm doing.
Its for my own sake
and for my future life.

If the God said,
There's a man who had been created for you
He will come to me.
I have no reason to worry
He knows everything about me...
He much powerful than you...
He know who is the guy that I belongs to

If you still wondering,
Leave me.
You just get pain because of your wondering,
So, choose your way.
I never force you to love me or what.
I know what I'm doing
and it of course for my own sake and future life
I know,
Who is he, he, he
towards me.

I'm not a kid
I may look immatured
but deep inside me,
the closest knows me well.
Go away if you want to,
I'm just be honest with myself.

I don't want to have any relation with you now!

you will peace without me...

(It is hard for a heartless girl get in love all over again,be nice to the boys doesn't mean that you have the feeling towards him. It just for the greeting. I hate to be honest like this , because it painful. but if i didn't mention this, will you understand me like you always say? no. you will never. If you feel that get me is the hardest thing to do. Yes, you must agree with that. Im not a girl who are easily fell in love for the first time. I'm more than that. It is not easy. Go if you want to. I'll pray for your goodness.I still can live. Allah be with me.)

~you yang buat i terpakse ckp mcm nie coz you make me sick~

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