feeling, color, and you.

What will you think when a person left you for a while and at another time he find you?
answer it..

Feeling is hard to tell and hard to explain, just when you have the courage to speak about it. you going to keep it inside and will never telling anyone about this because you don't have the courage to do so.


 feeling is something that our God gave to us to have color in life.

if a picture looks good with color, same goes to our life, emotion and feeling are the colors.
the things that you should do, is find your own color and express it.
it is aesthetic which mean there are no right or wrong.

is it wrong for grey?
is it right for blue?

 no right, so now, here. i teach how to show you color.
just imagine, when you smiling in walk... a bright color will come out from you behind...
directly you will smile right...?

it's about feeling only...when you heart tells you what's mood in you...
you, yourself, and the color of you feeling..

express it.

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