Hard to say, Hard to do. SORRY.

The word, sorry.

What can you explain about this word?
It has power you know.
Power of changing something to something.

Whenever you do mistake,
Quickly say sorry.
Whenever you passed a person in front,
You will say sorry.

Like it was trained for long long ago,
in yourself.

People would say " bagusnya budak ni"
and others would at least give a smile to you
as a sign of respect and agreement.

The word, sorry.

It must comes from your heart.
Not just because of forcing by someone
or just to let the problem gone away.

but the question is....

Why is it so hard for certain people to say sorry?
Is there any barriers to say that or he/she has something else to defend?
but why it becomes so hard?


some people do have problem with saying sorry.
which I can see which person is that, what type of person is that.

They might be shame, or feel worst when they say sorry.
I found this group ok?
I'm not just randomly saying.

Its about Ego.
what is an Ego?

It is something that hold you to do something that you should/must do
to get everything clear..
but Ego stand up first.
It is something like a devil inside your heart.

people, try to avoid EGO.
some people might be want to hear the word sorry
and in shaa Allah everything will be clear.
but since no body move first.
they will end up with no conclusion at all.

The real mistake will take a lot of time to recover.

 Ego + first move + wait + I dont want + what is my mistake + why should I + OMG! + I have no mistake + who the hell he/she want a sorry from me + blaaa laaaa = No conclusion at all.

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