Hello People, Please concern!

I have something to talk.
I must speak louder so that people will concern about what I'm going to talk.

We called as empathy.

Deria keenam ini, jarang dimiliki oleh manusia, simpati ini adalah satu sifat kita dapat merasa keperitan ataupun kesedihan yang melanda seseorang atas sebab mungkin kita pernah mengalaminya dulu.

Tak semua perasan sifat ini. Ia datang sendirinya dan tak perlu diajar.

when you getting older, you must concern about what people do, for what purpose and you must also have the sense of a human (common sense)

" what you give , you'll get back"
" hari ni aku tolong kau, esok esok kau tolong aku pulak"
"action speak louder than talk" * eh ada kaitan ke?*

nevermind. the thing is, kau kena ada sifat empathy, sympathy and care.

let say, if something happen to you without your expectation. then you feel very hurt and sad coz people doesn't want to help you at that time. what would you do? crying like little girl? tarik muka sebab kawan tak tolong?

you should remind yourself or do some flashbacks on what you have done to them? even the small thing would be nice to remember you know. Think about it...

Human nowadays wants something as a reward and would never give something for free.

It would be my pleasure if you ask them to help you and you didn't get any reward. what do you feel? in a charity part. yes... you can do something without reward. Reward comes from God. yeah but still, at least you got the reward from God... Its a reward.


sooo.... my lect today is about sympathy, empathy, care and please concern about other people' feeling, heart and condition. It covers the internal and external of a person right?especially for those who are close to you.

" heart is a very special thing, but it can easily get hurt and takes time to recover"

please take care of people heart. do not be too SELFISH ... in a day in future, u will ask someone a favor. if you act like a snobbish rabbit, no one will help you.

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