it just too suck!

bored, sad, empty, alone
unhappy feeling life just get suck
begin to dothe nonsense activities
i'm feeling like
the whole world start to laugh 
give a big "pang" 
show their tongue 
and make a jerk face
show that i was stupid
the time start to slow down
choosing for walking than running
lost hope.
lost fate
wishing like leaving in the sky
but the real thing is
just standing in the mud
feet was stick
and can't move on
heart was tight by words
yes or no
just follow the instructions
didn't take any risks
no excuses
no opposition
no mumbling
eyes just closely close
and then go somewhere
that my leg could bring 
far away from this fuck place
from this fire battle line
from this road of death

where did i need to go? where is the correct place for me?

lonely road of death

look in to her eyes and u know what i feel now

pinch me is the real thing
this feeling of release
i'm floating in your heaven
in the corners of my dreams 
tasting life
numb again
close my eyes
it begins
i cannot stumble here
i am safe inside my head
when i wake up
i'll forget
i'll come back
to my mess
i will not leave
stay asleep
slip futher in my ecstasy
safe inside my mind i hide

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